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Uploading Larger files in VLE

by Hasmy AJM -

It is now possible to upload larger files to VLE through ftp service (maximum upload limit is still 20MB in course uploads) .  In this method, lecturers can upload files separately to the server and then use it in course page. 

Lecturers can upload their Video recording and other important course related(more than 20 MB) files to VLE server using ftp without data charges. After uploading, lecturers can create links for the uploaded files and use those links in course pages, so students can access without any data charges since it is directly coming from

This process requires creation of ftp user accounts . Those who need ftp access, please send your VLE username to .

I will create ftp account and I will send password to your email. Also i will send instructions(video) on how to use ftp to upload and how to create links to be used in VLE

Thank You.

Zoom for Teachers[updated]

by Hasmy AJM -


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