Honors Degree in Applied Statistics

Course image ASM 41251 Seminar and Report Writing
Applied Statistics

Students will be requested to select a title from statistical research papers for this presentation. Prior to the presentation their title should be approved by the department. During the semester student should make 10 minutes presentation and it will be evaluated for differ aspects by a panel appointed by the head of the department.

Course image ASS 42072 Survival Analysis
Applied Statistics

This course is designed for mainly research studies. The course will focus on the basic concepts of survival (time-to-event) data analysis and showing the methods of appropriately summarising time-to-event data. Different types of censoring are introduced. In addition, estimating and interpreting survival characteristics and comparing the survival rates for different groups are explored.

Applied Statistics

Many studies, both experimental and surveys, give rise to data classified by one or more factors. Such data can be analysed using the techniques of analysis of contingency tables depending on variable is discrete. Topics covered in this course include: 2×2 contingency tables: Relative risk, odds ratio, Chi-square test, Fisher’s exact test, r×c contingency tables: Tests of homogeneity and independence. Association in three-way tables. Logistic regression. Multinomial response models for nominal data, Multinomial response models for ordinal data, Poisson regression model