Course image BLM 31013 Horticulture
Semester I

Horticulture is one of the optional courses offered to third year Biological Science students. This is a three credits course and is combined with a practical component.This contains 38 hours of lectures including tutorials and 21 hours of practicals. 

There are three unit examinations and two assignments. Students will be informed about the unit examination dates and assignment submission dates during lecture hours before-hand. Unit examinations and assignments add 30% marks for the end semester examination and thus presence for unit examinations and submission of assignments are important.

Practicals are usually done at the laboratory. In addition field visits will be organized to enhance the practical knowledge and skills of students. A report should be produced according to the guidelines provided by the demonstrators and should be submitted at the end of each practical session. A practical examination will be held to check the practical performance of students. the practical component adds 25% for the end semester examination.

End semester paper contains five essay-type questions encompassing all the theory sections covered. Duration of the end semester paper is two and half hours. The remaining 45% marks to get the final grading of the student will come from this paper. 

Attendance is important to lectures as well as to practical sessions. If a student lacks 80% either to lectures or practical sessions, the student will not be given a chance to sit for the end semester examination.

Course image PHM 31012 Physical Optics and Optical Instruments
Semester I

This course is a 2 credit course offered in Semester I of level III.  It aims to give a better understanding and knowledge of Interferencediffractionpolarization and scattering of light. It help to understand and estimate the resolving power of various optical instruments. It briefly gives a better knowledge of principle, types and applications of LASERS